About MTS

Dear friends,

We are working in the telecommunications industry which is strategic for the country development and indispensable for resolving a wide range of everyday and business tasks of any person. All kinds of services rendered by MTS, such as mobile and fixed -line telephony, Internet access, have long been firmly established in the “consumer basket” of every Russian.

Our work is aimed not only at rendering high-quality, beneficial and convenient services to the customers, as well as ensuring high service level, but we are also constantly looking ahead: MTS opens up the doors to innovative future for the customers by improving services and launching their advanced versions on the market, as today our subscribers can quickly find the right information in the Internet, go shopping, pay for travels, buy tickets for concerts and movies, manage their finances and make many other useful and interesting things with the help of a mobile phone. We consider this only the beginning and are planning for further progress!

Our goal is to make sure that MTS customers could use the opportunities offered by modern mobile technology in full, while not limiting them in communication. A highly professional MTS team implements new ideas and projects daily so that our customers in any region and of any income could use communication services as much as they want and like not bearing any unforeseen costs.

Join MTS, stay with us for many years and you will always be one step ahead, as we know, understand and appreciate you striving to anticipate your expectations!

Sincerely, Andrey Dubovskov,
MTS PJSC President