Our approach to Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility

MTS provides telecommunication services to over 100 billion subscribers in Russia and CIS, countries of Eastern and Central Europe. We are working in the industry which is strategic for the country development and indispensable for resolving a wide range of everyday and business tasks of any person.

Our technologies, pricing policy and communication quality affect the life quality of all these people. We understand a huge responsibility for assuring a better future for next generations on the basis of sustainable development. This is the top challenge of our time, task, solution of which requires intense everyday work. Sustainable development for MTS is above all a mechanism which:

  • contributes to sustainable development, health strengthening and social welfare raising;
  • takes into account expectations of stakeholders;
  • is integrated in Company’s activities and is implemented by it in practice;
  • meets legislation and is in line with international standards of conduct;
  • contributes to the increase of Group’s transparency and improvement of the management system.

One of MTS main principles is integration of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in all aspects of Group’s activities. We firmly follow the adopted policy in the area of corporate social responsibility, implement the best world and Russian practices. We understand under sustainable development a system of consecutive economic, environmental and social measures implemented based on continuous interaction with stakeholders and aimed at a more efficient risk management, long-term MTS image and business reputation improvement as well as capitalisation and competitiveness growth.

Principles of corporate social responsibility

In 2015 MTS company performed self-evaluation of its operations in accordance with recommendations of the international standard ISO 26000: 2010 “Manual on social responsibility”1.

The international standard ISO 26000 represents a manual on principles underlying social responsibility, main topics and problems concerning social responsibility and methods of integration of a socially responsible aspect in strategies, systems, practices and processes of the entity.

1 In March 2013 it was the Russian standard GOST R ISO 26000

Plans for 2016

In 2016 review of the current Policy on corporate social responsibility for introduction of seven topics of the Standard is planned:

  • organisational management
  • human rights
  • labour practices
  • environment
  • bona-fide business practices
  • relationships with consumers
  • participation in the life of communities and their development.

Based on the results of self-evaluation a decision was made to continue improvement of MTS activities in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development based on recommendations of ISO 26 000, implement the required range of measures. The process of evaluation of standard application completeness will be conducted at least once in three years.

The applicable MTS activities in the area of corporate social responsibility Policy was compiled in close integration with a business strategy which is based on principles of three “D”:

  • The unit “DATA”: work with talented youth, designers and young scientists, search and support of innovative projects in the area of ICT and telecommunications aimed at advanced development of the telecommunication industry of the country. Popularization of the use of state-of-the-art Internet technologies for raising the comfort level of social life.
  • The unit “DIFFERENTIATION”: the company sees as its main task provision of qualitative, innovative and available products and communication services and financial services to all consumers. MTS makes a reasonable contribution in the cause of creation of equal opportunities by means of provision of equal access to advanced technologies, innovative products and services, implementing projects contributing personal potential implementation.
  • The unit “DIVIDENTS”: implementation of best practices in the area of CSR, standardisation of corporate social responsibility processes in accordance with international recommendations, creation of a transparent and attractive environment for shareholders, potential investors and partners, strengthening of corporate culture and MTS subscribers’ loyalty.

On our official web site in “Social Responsibility” section one may find reports of sustainable development of MTS Group which have been published since 2008.

The 2015 report of sustainable development was compiled in accordance with the international standard GRI G4. Every year we try to raise reporting quality as we understand that the process of reporting in the area of sustainable development assures implementation of a number of strategic and operating tasks:

  • realise the total volume of main impacts of our company on economics, environment and society
  • identify opportunities for business development and risk minimisation
  • identify areas for improvement of the company’s management system
  • raise the degree of employees’ involvement in business processes and engagement of motivated specialists
  • boost innovations and elaborate optimum solutions
  • improve reputation, raise partner and customer loyalty, deserve respect among local community
  • obtain competitive advantages.

On the official MTS web site you can familiarise with main CSR-projects implemented by the Company as well as with information for feedback.

We maintain continuous dialogue with stakeholders and give an opportunity to obtain all information about one’s social activities.